The Innovators Celebration

Yabba Dabba Restaurant

99 Waratah Av, Dalkeith

Monday 26th February 2018

Chair: Jörg Imberger

MC: Allan Drake-Brockman  

Programme: (Each speaker has 10 minutes, question will be taken at the end)

12:30 – 13:15 Lunch

13:15: Developing New Water and Energy Sources  

1.     13.15: Michele Rosano: “Renewable energy options in Perth”

2.     13:25: Jonova: “We have an ever increasing number of energy options, so why are the prices going up all the time?”

3.     13:35: Robin Sanders: “How nature copes with the salinity problem in the Wheat Belt”.

14:45: Doing Business in the New Global World:

4.     13:45: Betty Tran: “How to succeed in the fashion industry”

5.     13:55: James Tainton: “Developing quantitative measures of the sustainable functioning of local government?”

6.     14:05: Gashaw Jember: “Understanding international politics”

14:30: Human Health in an Internet Connected World:

7      14:15: Emma Pugsley: “Challenging the status quo of our health epidemic”

8      14:25: John Watling: “Exposing the truth through chemical fingerprinting”

9      14:35:  Gareth Lane: "work when you like, so long as the client is happy"

14:45 to 15:30: General question time.












14:25 to 15:30: General question time.