The Innovator Australia Day Celebration

Yabba Dabba Restaurant 99 Waratah Av, Dalkeith Monday 29th January 2018

Chair: Jörg Imberger

MC: Allan Drake-Brockman

Programme: (Each speaker has 10 minutes, question will be taken at the end) 12:30 – 13:15 Lunch

13:15: Developing New Water and Energy Sources

  1. 13.15: Philip Doust: “Eliminating the world’s water shortage by cleaning rain roof water”.

  2. 13:25: Craig Rothleitner: “Removing waste from storm water at sources so we once again have clean waterways and oceans and at the same time have plenty of water for

    the garden”.

  3. 13:35: Luciano Pontiggia: “Converting organic waste to energy”.

  4. 13:45: Clelia Marti: “The Cat Creek Energy Generation and Storage Facility, Idaho, USA”

    13:55: Doing Business in the New Global World:

  5. 13:55: Mark Andrich: “Sustainable platforms and investments also provide the best returns”.

  6. 14:05: Grant O’Connell: “Setting up a global company providing risk management services”.

    14:15: Caring for the Environment in an Internet Connected Political System:

  7. 14:15: Ian Dadour: “Exposing secretes of the aquatic world”.

  8. 14:25: Julian Grill: “What does the future hold for Western Australia”

  9. 14:35: Brett Pollock: “Challenges for local government: A vision for Mosman Park”

14:45 to 15:30: General question time.